YSI ScienceLine Temp 135

ScienceLine Temp 135, Temperature sensor, Stainless Steel, 120 mm, 2 banana plugs, NTC 30 kOhm.

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The ScienceLine temperature sensors are designed for use with pH electrodes and other ISEs that do not have a built-in temperature sensor to ensure measurements are temperature compensated. The ScienceLine 135 features a robust stainless steel body and provides fast temperature measurements. The ScienceLine 136 features a glass body and is inert to different kinds of solvents.

The ScienceLine temperature sensors can be connected to the YSI TruLab (all models). A BNC adapter (108132Y) also allows these sensors to be used with the MultiLab 4010-2 and 4010-3.

Benchtop Yes
Connector 2 Banana Plugs
Equipment used with TruLab Instruments
GLP Compliance Yes
Measurement Range -22°F to 275°F, -30° to 135°C
Operating Temperature -30° to 135°C, -22°F to 275°F
Parameters Measured Temperature
Sampling Yes
User Replaceable Yes
Warranty 1 year

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