Aanderaa Wind Speed Sensor

A sensor for measuring the average and maximum wind speed (gust) during the sampling interval.
The sensor is designed for use with Aanderaa Dataloggers 3634/3660 and the Aanderaa Automatic Weather Station 2700.

  • Features
  • Low power
  • Low threshold speed
  • High maximum speed
  • User friendly
  • SR10 output format

The Wind Speed Sensor 2740 consists of a three cup rotor on top of an aluminium housing. The sensor can be fi tted directly onto the Sensor Cross Arms 3415/3435 of an Aanderaa automatic weather station or used separately if a connecting cable is used. The sensor foot will fi t onto a 25 mm vertical tube.

The rotor bearing assembly consist of two stainless steel ball bearings in an assembly protected by a surrounding skirt. The lower end of the skirt is furnished with a magnet, and the magnet's rotation is
sensed by a magneto inductive switch located inside the housing.

A micro controller reads the pulses from the magneto inductive switch sensing the rotor's rotation and uses the pulse count to calculate the wind speed. The sensor has two output signals; average wind speed and maximum wind speed (gust) during the sampling interval.